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Welcome to Optimum Choices - professional software products for the public sector and  healthcare markets.

Optimum Choices has been providing a robust solution for nurse rostering to the German Healthcare sector for more than fourteen years. The products have an installed base of about 400 sites, among them 180 hospitals, and manage much more than 200,000 staff.

Optimum Choices software products have been introduced to markets such as the health sector (hospitals, out patient centres), fire- and rescue services, nursing homes, centres for the disabled and in several other areas (public and private sector) where 24/7 shift work is an essential part of staff scheduling.

The OC:Planner product family offers a wide range of software for staff scheduling, time & attendance, access and employee-self-services.

Opti-TRANS® is a web-based software for the administration and optimization of transport services in hospitals.


  • ConhIT- Connecting healthcare IT: 14.04.-16.04.2015 in Berlin

    This is where manufacturers, users and representatives from the political and scientific communities meet. conhIT is an industry trade show, congress, and academy with a variety of networking events.

  • 7. User Conference

    We proudly invite all customers to this year's 7th User Conference in Speyer. The annual event takes place on September 23rd/24th.

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SIEDA GmbH is a specialist in optimization software in healthcare markets, offering software for patient transport planning and staff scheduling.